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CONVERSATIONS WITH KADOS The World The Day I Died,   galengraph  2018 Entry Seven: Dialogue with my alter ego, Kados “What are you doing, Galen?” “I’m writing—typing, to be exact—about what I hope to be doing. [...]


Still Collaborating with the Creative Spirit / Galen Garwood


Collaborating with the Creative Spirit,  Still / Galen Garwood Part I In 1983, I completed a series of small paintings on Plexiglas in a reverse, reductive process. These were dark, figurative [...]

Still Collaborating with the Creative Spirit / Galen Garwood2018-10-18T01:47:33+00:00

With Kallos, at the River Mystery / Galen Garwood


  DEAR KALLOS / JOURNAL ENTRY / GALEN GARWOOD / August 29th, 2018       “Kallos, I’ve been wondering about things I can’t quite put my finger on. I suppose, in a way, because I’ve spent [...]

With Kallos, at the River Mystery / Galen Garwood2018-08-29T12:09:00+00:00

Ten Thousand Elephants


  for CHAI     Early this morning, before the light arrived, I rose quite early in my little house by the river. As usual, after fixing my coffee, I entered the virtual events of a [...]

Ten Thousand Elephants2017-07-29T06:29:31+00:00

The Elephants Please


  The following is a letter I wrote today to the Seattle City Council Members. If these thoughts resonate positively with you, then, please, do share them.   These elephants reside in a sanctuary in Thailand, [...]

The Elephants Please2017-07-29T06:01:30+00:00

Narongyot Thongyoo at Tita Gallery


    A BIG REVIEW   Dance of Shadows Two weeks ago I caught the opening night of an exhibition by Narongyot Thongyoo, an exceptionally gifted Thai artist, whom I’ve known for about eight years. Like most [...]

Narongyot Thongyoo at Tita Gallery2017-07-29T06:01:54+00:00

In Memory of Panom and her Enduring Spirit


Panom and Galen   Sawadee Everyone, Many of you, over the years, have heard about Panom and some of you have even met her...perhaps have gone down to the river with her. Recently I pulled out [...]

In Memory of Panom and her Enduring Spirit2017-05-02T16:00:26+00:00

Sam Hamill’s poem ‘Treblinka Lights’


  The other day I came across a slide of a painting I did back in 1985, part of a series of works on plexiglass. Shortly after the series first exhibited at Foster-White in Seattle, I [...]

Sam Hamill’s poem ‘Treblinka Lights’2017-07-29T06:03:15+00:00
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