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GALEN GARWOOD, the Journal: Panom’s Mystery, Ennead


PANOM REVISITED Panom and the Blue Sapphire Recently I drove over to Pai, a small town less than two hours from the western border between Thailand and Myanmar, to visit again a small elephant camp [...]

GALEN GARWOOD, the Journal: Panom’s Mystery, Ennead2019-02-16T10:58:54+00:00



CONVERSATIONS WITH KADOS The World The Day I Died,   galengraph  2018 Entry Seven: Dialogue with my alter ego, Kados “What are you doing, Galen?” “I’m writing—typing, to be exact—about what I hope to be doing. [...]


Still Collaborating with the Creative Spirit / Galen Garwood


Collaborating with the Creative Spirit,  Still / Galen Garwood Part I In 1983, I completed a series of small paintings on Plexiglas in a reverse, reductive process. These were dark, figurative [...]

Still Collaborating with the Creative Spirit / Galen Garwood2018-10-18T01:47:33+00:00

With Kallos, at the River Mystery / Galen Garwood


  DEAR KALLOS / JOURNAL ENTRY / GALEN GARWOOD / August 29th, 2018       “Kallos, I’ve been wondering about things I can’t quite put my finger on. I suppose, in a way, because I’ve spent [...]

With Kallos, at the River Mystery / Galen Garwood2018-08-29T12:09:00+00:00

Ten Thousand Elephants


  for CHAI     Early this morning, before the light arrived, I rose quite early in my little house by the river. As usual, after fixing my coffee, I entered the virtual events of a [...]

Ten Thousand Elephants2017-07-29T06:29:31+00:00

The Elephants Please


  The following is a letter I wrote today to the Seattle City Council Members. If these thoughts resonate positively with you, then, please, do share them.   These elephants reside in a sanctuary in Thailand, [...]

The Elephants Please2017-07-29T06:01:30+00:00

Narongyot Thongyoo at Tita Gallery


    A BIG REVIEW   Dance of Shadows Two weeks ago I caught the opening night of an exhibition by Narongyot Thongyoo, an exceptionally gifted Thai artist, whom I’ve known for about eight years. Like most [...]

Narongyot Thongyoo at Tita Gallery2017-07-29T06:01:54+00:00
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