galen garwood, photography

photograph of Chang Lek’s beautiful two-year-old son, Manu, spanking the blue spark, 2019


Greetings All…

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 Trail of Light, for Hayden Carruth, from  Galen Garwood‘s MEDITATIONS, 2019

An Exhibition of Five Northwest Artists in Homage to the Poet’s Voice,

featuring works from the


along with works by Jazz Brown, Becky Knold, Jeffree Stewart, and Stephen Yates. The exhibition is curated by NW painter, Hart James,


11905 124th Ave Ne, Kirkland WA 98034

September 5th through September 29th

reception: September 12th  — 5 pm till 10 pm


I’m deeply honored to be included in this fascinating exhibition with these stellar artists. I’d hoped to be there in person—I TRIED, I REALLY DID— but alas Fate had other plans, as it most often does.  However, as I understand it, my colleague, Joshua Gilmore, who’ll be standing in for me, will have me Skype-connected so that, in fact, I will be there. Amazing. And I do hope to see and speak with many of you.

The Magician, galenograph 2018

“Art binds us, one to another—a glue of remembrance, a constant parameter to express the height and width of our emotional spectrum; art is our fingerprint of intent, perpetually reminding us that we have choices.”  Galen Garwood


children's art child’s drawing  made esepcially for Panom, 2006, artist unknown

I’ve recently uploaded the entire Panom film to YouTube.

PANOM, Cousin to the Clouds was the result of an epiphany I had after reading an article I’d read in 1998 about the plight of the Asian elephant.  I immediately sold my home, my studio, and my beloved etching press; I bought myself a Canon XL1 camera, even though I’d never once operated a video camera. I wanted to make something that might make a difference in the way we think about other species, about all living things.  I wish I could say that after two decades, the film is obsolete, that it’s no longer relevant. But, in fact, things are not all that much better for the elephant, nor, for that matter, most species, including us.  There is still much work to do; every good thing done for one other living creature unfolds as a blossom of generosity binding us one to another in trust.

read: Elephants and Idealism: Expressing a Larger Footprint


The Back Story

El Queso / Full Spectrum

Beginning  / Matters of Time

Kados Comes Calling


September 5th through September 29th


SEPTEMBER 12th, 5 pm – 10 pm

Blessings from the River

Galen Garwood