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WHY ART MATTERS is a series of interviews with various artists, most of whom are friends I’ve long known. I’ve witnessed the evolution of their craft, their creative passion, their perseverance, and their generosity. Why do we make art? Why is it important? And what impediments inevitably challenge us and how do we resolve them? These are questions we constantly ask ourselves. Answers are never easy, but they are important. Galen Garwood

GALEN GARWOOD, the Journal: Panom’s Mystery, Ennead


PANOM REVISITED Panom and the Blue Sapphire Recently I drove over to Pai, a small town less than two hours from the western border between Thailand and Myanmar, to visit again a small elephant camp [...]

GALEN GARWOOD, the Journal: Panom’s Mystery, Ennead2019-02-16T10:58:54+00:00

The Gift, The Journal, The Art, Galen Garwood


'Magnolia'  photograph by Galen Garwood, 2015   I captured the image of this incredible magnolia when I was back in Georgia in 2015,  visiting my late father’s sister, Nancy, on her family farm in Donalsonville. [...]

The Gift, The Journal, The Art, Galen Garwood2017-11-18T07:57:51+00:00
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