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The Morris Grav…


The Morris Graves Book Project Blog MORRIS GRAVES: His Houses, His Gardens   by Richard Svare Our Morris Graves Book Project blog is published in tandem with the official web site, informing interested parties and updating [...]

The Morris Grav…2017-05-02T16:00:26+00:00

Where Everything Is Water As Far As He Can See


Greetings from the River, "Where Everything Is Water As Far As He Can See is a collaboration between the artist Galen Garwood and the poet Peter Weltner. Fifteen of Garwood's paintings are reproduced, not as illustrations [...]

Where Everything Is Water As Far As He Can See2017-05-02T16:00:26+00:00

LENNIE KESL, Onward and Upward 1926-2012


LENNIE KESL, In Remembrance When I went to bed last night, the stars were spinning one way--when I rose this morning, they had slowed and turned, their music darkened, gravity stopped for the briefest moment; my [...]

LENNIE KESL, Onward and Upward 1926-20122017-05-02T16:00:26+00:00

The River Rises


Greetings All, Since my last post, the monsoons have come in earnest. After last season's severe flooding, the small river on which I live was dredged to a much greater depth and we can only hope [...]

The River Rises2017-07-29T06:05:16+00:00



July blog Greetings Everyone. Happy July. I trust all my friends are staying cool. We’re very much into the rainy season here in Thailand, but, so far, no evidence that floods will occur. After last year, [...]

HOUSE OF PROJECTS2017-07-29T06:06:02+00:00

In The Eyes


Greetings Everyone, May in Chiangmai. It’s hot. Very hot! But we’re having some early rains and that helps. As the saying goes: "I don't get around much any more", but even here, in this quiet little [...]

In The Eyes2017-07-29T06:07:22+00:00



GREETINGS  As I sit here, looking across the river into a new morning, I realize its been a long while since my last entry, and even longer since I re-counted my travails of monsoon flooding. In [...]

CHRYSALIS AND MUD HUTS2017-07-29T06:09:27+00:00

Roti and Ricefields


Greetings from Galen ANNOUNCEMENTS For those who might be looking for an interesting and educational Christmas gift for children (or adults) The Panom book is available and right now is a perfect time to order:Panom and [...]

Roti and Ricefields2017-07-29T06:09:40+00:00



View of the Mae Rim river during a more gentle month of weather Many of my friends look at me with cocked eyes—that ‘Is he out of his mind?’ look—when I tell them I’m [...]

PROJECT PANOMLAND2017-05-02T16:00:26+00:00

Elephant update from baan Panom


“Animals cannot speak, but can you and I not speak for them and represent them? Let us all feel their silent cry of agony and let us all help that cry to be heard in the [...]

Elephant update from baan Panom2017-05-02T16:00:27+00:00
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