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‘Isham’s Light,’  from the Redemption Series      galenographs     2022

Special Holiday Greetings to all of you from Kados and me, here on the banks of the river that sings to us nightly as we gently tumble into the currents of sleep’s infinite imagination. 

“How does that sound, Kados…for an opening line?” What do you think?

“I don’t know, Galen. A bit too fanciful, I’d say. Make it a little less infinite. More to the issue. And besides, do you realize you haven’t posted one word in The Journal since August? How do you expect to maintain a following at that pace?”

“I don’t, Kados; at my pace, I don’t expect to maintain much of anything except the vagrant pain that bums about my aging body without any clear purpose other than to inform me that I need a fairly substantial overhaul. Besides, can I not hold to the adage that less is better? That a picture is worth a thousand words? That time is an illusion? That….”

“OK. OK. OK. I get it, Galen. So, what are we going to offer in this issue?”

“Some new art…and a plate of good news about early 2023 and the Apeiron campaign, the next pilgrimage. Let’s also include the newest two video collaborations…and the usual ‘Happenings.’

R E C E N T    V I D E O S

Over the last ten or twelve years, I’ve had the pleasure of creating almost 30 videos and longer documentaries in collaboration with artists of various creative disciplines — artists Lennie KeslMorris Graves,  John Franklin Koenig,  Anne Hirondelle,  Ed Cain,   Alex & Hjalmar Boyesen, singer/songwriters  Svare Forsland and Gorden Maul,  composer/cellist Jami Sieber,  and poets  Marvin Bell,  James BroughtonSam Hamill,  William O’Daly, and  Peter Weltner.   Most of these can be found on my youtube channel.

along with, of course, Panom, my film about Asian elephants.

Here below are two recent video additions. Select image to view.

peter weltner poems

Peter Weltner’s   “SNOWY PLOVERS” 

from Woods and the City

William O’Daly’s  ORIGIN from The New Gods,

Music by Jami Sieber

H  A  P  P   E  N  I  N  G  S

peter weltner poetry


Marrowstone Press, 2022


Beltway Editions 2022

Jami Sieber, Cello


 JAMI SIEBER  Cello,             KIM ROSEN  Narration

Lift Off:  Cast Your Spell for 2023 with


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Saturday, December 10th /  10:30 – 12 pm EST

‘Revelation,’  from the Redemption Series      galenographs    2022

“In early 2023, I’ll begin my Pilgrimage Campaign, kicking it off with APEIRON, a book of galenographs, and like all art, cradling this sweet mystery of Life, inexplicable, immutable, and yes, infinite. That’s the good news. Anything you’d like to add, Kados?”

“Only that I…we…want to be sure that everyone we embrace in friendship feels the pulse of our love. It’s that simple.”

“Indeed it is. Happy Holidays, everyone.”


galen garwood art

‘Sacred Vessel,’  from the Redemption Series      galenographs    2022