This morning I was sent this link:
I do encourage everyone to watch this short film and send it on. Not only is it a  powerful and moving indictment about what we are doing to the planet, what we ‘could do’ if we began to think for ourselves, but it reinforces my belief that if zoos really wanted to be a fundamental part of any community’s educational growth and enlightenment, they would (we would have them) transition themselves into exhibiting, via the technology of film, what earth and its entire family ‘could be’ and ‘should be’ rather than exhibiting creatures in artificial habitats which do nothing but perpetuate our ignorance, cruelty and greed.

Also, I have been alerted by Alyne Fortang, co-founder of Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants of the misguided efforts in Florida to create an elephant (puppy) mill through which elephants are specifically bred to supply baby elephants for human exploitation. Please visit this site
and consider voting.

In addition, Friends of the Woodland park Zoo Elephants are and have been working toward getting the elephants
from that zoo released and into a sanctuary. Learn more:,

Thanks very much, Galen