HOT ON THE HEELS OF A WONDERFUL PANOM FILM PREMIER at the University of Chiangmai Art Museum are two new events, separate but ultimately connected.

FEBRUARY ART SALE / I’m sending out a visual art PDF catalogue with quite a number of artworks available at 60% less than the normal gallery price from now until the end of February. You can access the catalogue here:

You’ll also find information on how to purchase the artworks on the front page of the catalogue. If you have any problem finding it, please email me at

Thanks once again to the intrepid and digitally deft choreography of webmaster, Tim Davies He makes getting from here to there, really, quit simple.


For every DVD sold, $5.00 US dollars will be dedicated to the Friend’s of the Asian Elephant Hospital near Lampang, Thailand. Founded and directed by Soraida Salwala, FAE is the first hospital created solely for elephants. You can learn about the hospital’s work by visiting their site at

With more grateful thanks to my friend, Alex Boyesen at Digital Mixes , the DVD has been made even better with a remarkable sound track, featuring the compelling music of Jami Sieber, Jami’s wonderful CD ‘Hidden Sky’, much of which is included in the Panom DVD, is a musical paean in response to her personal experiences with elephants in Thailand.


Another $5.00 from each DVD will go toward bringing Panom and the Stone of light into actuality. This is a short children’s story I wrote a few years ago. It is, in essence, a simple Buddhist parable about what we need and what we don’t need. The story is about Panom, the Matriarch of all elephants who had lived in the skies. Now she has come to live among the elephants below where she  wears “the wrinkled skin of earthly elephants, painted with the simple pigments of the land. She appeared no different from the others that bathed and swam in the sea or playfully rolled in the red mud of the marsh, except in one remarkable way. Just above her head, a blue sapphire, large as a ripe mango, floated and turned in the air. Its brilliant surface caught the light of the sun and cast a wealth of colors across the water. At night, when Panom foraged or slept beneath the trees, the blue jewel hummed with starlight.”

It is my hope that this story for children will also generate funds  for the benefit of the elephants. As it progresses, I’ll keep everyone alerted through.

And, in a few weeks, look for an update on the DVD progress and photos of the elephant hospital.

Many Thanks and blessings from
Galen and the Panom Project

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