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September 2015

Galen Garwood’s ‘Ed’s Ed’

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Ed Cain's Painting Book The following Journal essay is about my friend and fellow artist, Ed Cain, who left this world too soon in September, 2001.  I first met Ed in 1984 and shortly after, he moved with his family from Southwestern Washington to Port Townsend, Washington. In the mid-1980s [...]

August 2015

Remembering Ida /music and poetry

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IDA'S LEG AND LAST RAG, A TRIBUTE TO IDA LANE AND HER RAG TIME MUSIC Celebrating what would have been my mother's 96th birthday... AUGUST 18th, 2015 IDA LANE Ragtime piano player- 1919-1989 "A lost ball in high weeds."  Chester Loback CINNAMON SCREAMERS Eleanor [...]

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July 2015

The Grand Journey/places and people

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 The Grand Journey/places and people Greetings Everyone, My journey back to the US took me to many places over a short period of time. I was fortunately able to see many good friends, and in a few situations, when my schedules abruptly changed, and being somewhat dependent on the transportation of friends, regretfully, I missed [...]

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February 2015

March 2014

The Elephants Please

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  The following is a letter I wrote today to the Seattle City Council Members. If these thoughts resonate positively with you, then, please, do share them.   These elephants reside in a sanctuary in Thailand, not unlike the sanctuary in Tennessee. This could be Seattle's Chai, Bamboo, and Watoto. It's up to all of [...]