SELL THE MONKEY, A memoir…Looping back

Galen Garwood - The Dream Sea

Trajectory: Day 3th

Galen’s mind: flip-processing like a pinball machine plotting points of origin across a pewter sea.

Leaving Port Townsend May 10th, 2018. This lovely Victorian seaport looks pretty much the same as it did when I left in 1998 to make the elephant documentary. 

Experienced a lovely memorial service for my friend, Sam Hamill on May 9th.

Day 13: Then off to Bemidji, Minnesota to visit my buddy Roy Blackwood from 1968 (Chapter: Buddha Luck). Wonderful time in a country that reminded me of summers in Alaska.  

Lake, 2018, Bemidji,  Minnesota, 2018


Then dropping down to lovely Savannah, Georgia, and the land of my childhood.

Day 17: Headquartered in the lovely old Savannah home of Alvin Neely (Chapter 23: The Scent of Gardenia) This grand old Victorian house was built by the Baldwin family in the 1890s.


Day: 20: The beaches of my childhood, both on Folly Beach, South Carolina and St. Simons Island (Chapter: The Tides of Folly)





The House on Tradd Street, Charleston, South Carolina, 7th grade. We lived on the top floor of this victorian shotgun apartment.

( Chapter Seven: Migrations)


In this duplex lived a boy, a dog, and a monkey. (Chapter: Sell The Monkey)

Ida,  her  monkey Abie, and me, 1949, St. Simons Island

galen garwood, sell the monkey, book, memoir

The house as it looks in 2018: The screen porch above is gone, and the front bottom enclosed, a chimmney and back addition added. No monkeys, however.

Day 33: Desoto Springs: this extraordinary retreat and lake, is owned by my cousins, near Blakely, Georgia, where I was born. I had the honor of doing a book event in the Blakely library.



Not far from Blakely, Georgia, I discovered a new elephant sanctuary being built on a lovely 400 acres of land, orchestrated once again by the indefatigable and passionate Carole Buckley, who founded the sanctaury in Tennessee several decades ago. 


Leaving Savannah for Gainesville, Florida for a book event at Hector’s Gallery, celebrating what would have been Lennie Kesl’s 92nd birthday.

I look forward to seeing many friends of Lennie…and mine.

I’ll be posting the second part of the journey from that event.

By the way, Sell The Monkey is available on, and it’s also now listed on GoodReads, and currently I have 7 books as a giveaway. Please share this and tell your friends.



Many good wishes to all

and thank you for your support and friendship.


Galen Garwood