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Hello Everyone,

With the invaluable assistance of some very sharp eyes, astute readers, and endearing friends, I’ve gotten all the final proofing done. The book is now waiting on some last-minute cover copy and then Sell The Monkey will be officially launched at the end of the April.

As of this writing, I’ve either scheduled or tentatively scheduled book events in the following places:

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA:  My friend, Alvin Neely, will be hosting the first event at his grand home in Savannah. This lovely old Victorian, known the Baldwin House, was built in the late 1880s. Time and date to be announced. 

GAINSEVILLE, FLORIDA: June 12th:  I’ll be doing a book-event at Hector’s Gallery to celebrate and pay homage to my dear friend, Lennie Kesl, who would have been ninety years old on this date. More details to follow. 702 West University Avenue.  Time and date to be announced.

PORT TOWNSEND, WASHINGTON: Sunday, July 8th at 2 pm at Jefferson County Historical Museum. 540 Water St, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA

ESTER, ALASKA: Community Library. Time and date to be announced.
What’s remarkably unique about this location is that the property was once owned by my step-father and mother, Ida Lane, and is the setting for various parts of the book.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON:  Time and date to be announced.

I’d like to thank very much all of you who’ve already participated in the campaign

and I welcome, gratefully so, those who will.

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There are Six Appreciation Reward Levels for your support…

…some of which will be going out in a few days. The book itself will be shipped very soon after its official publication. On April 16th, I’ll be sending to those who’ll be receiving a signed, limited edition photograph, a PDF file with selections of images from which to choose. Just make your selection and let me know and these will also be either shipped out in early May or hand-delivered.


I’m excited about seeing so many of you on my travels, possibly at any of the book events. I’ll not only be reading a section of a chapter that I think resonates nicely with that particular place or a person, since all the locations and people in the chapters resonate, to some extent, within a migration route of the story I’ve lived, but also I’d like to share and exchange ideas about art, and why it matters.

Thank you all

Galen Garwood

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