From here, there and back…

Greetings Everyone,

The tour is complete, the journey made, 34000 miles accumulated in ten weeks, the memories stacked and saved. In the midst of it all, I entered my seventy-fourth year. It’s difficult to express what joy it has been to see so many friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in decades, and others newly minted. There were a few I missed seeing and wish it had been otherwise, but hopefully that will change when I return, which perhaps will be sooner than later. 

The trip itself, made possible through the generosity of special friends who so kindly hosted me in their homes.

The books events were all quite successful; they were mind-hugs, such was the gentle and deep connectedness of old friends and places throughout my life.  Of course, this was part of my objective….The library on St Simons Island and in Blakely, Georgia, the event at Hector’s in Gainesville, Florida, where, before hand, I went out into a meadow of tombs and read part of the chapter, ‘Cadmium Red Light’ to the spirit of Lennie Kesl, knowing, of course, it was only a symbolic gesture, as Lennie is busy being everywhere, all at once, still.

Galen Garwood - the Human

The event in Port Townsend, WA was at the remarkable Museum of History and Art.


and this was followed two days later all the way up in Ester, Alaska at the Malamute Saloon. I was touched by so many attending and especially by a few who brought small paintings I’d done fifty years ago and had given to my mother, the works now in their keeping. They wanted me to know. I was touched.

Galen Garwood in front of the Malamute Saloon ca. 1968

Next was at the stunning Cascadia Art Museum, curated by David Martin.

Cascadia Art Museum, Edmonds ,WA

The night before I flew home, I did participate in one last event in Seattle at a JW Architecture in their headquarters as part of a participating Salon with artist Liz Tran, orchestrated by Nirupa Umapathy.

Installation by Liz Tran at JW Architects


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From Here, There,  oil on canvas, 68″ x 54″  2008 / Is this prescient of works to come? Perhaps it is.


I’ve got a few months of serious organizing, decisions to mull upon, but it’ll happen and new work will begin, both in the painting and in the writing. And, there’ll be some new projects blooming over at Marrowstone Press.  Obviously I have little time to think about being seventy-four.  And so I won’t.


Thank you all for such grand support and friendship.

Galen Garwood