Promises to Dutta, words and deeds, by Galen Garwood

  There are any number of ‘critters’ that consider my open-air studio their home—insects, Gecko and Tokay lizards, cats and dogs, and the occasional bird. And why not? It was theirs before it was mine. The most consistently insistent resident is the Duttaphrynus melanostictus, known variously as the Asian common toad, black-spectacled toad, Javanese toad, [...]

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Happy New Year from Galen Garwood 2017

GREETINGS Recently I posted on Facebook a photograph of a remarkable flower blooming in my garden, a ‘Spider Lily’ of the Amaryllidaceae family.   It has continued to captivate me.  Like the magnificent Beaumontia Grandiflora I posted previously, it too blooms in clusters. I wanted to try and photograph some sequence of the Spider Lily [...]

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  Red 17, oil on paper, from Notations   Greetings Everyone, I've been out in the studio...but now it's too hot...so I'm catching up on my journal. Here's what's been happening in addition to getting a few paintings done and another photo series.... Do check out the new ‘wing’ to Marrowstone Press: Marrowstone Book Design. [...]

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