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In this August edition of The JOURNAL, I’m introducing the first of a series of interviews with artists of various disciplines about their art, about art in general, and why it matters. I believe art does matter and I wanted to get different perspectives of how creativity gets ignited and uniquely expressed. What these artists have to say is both interesting and valuable. Always, but especially now. 


September Edition: ANNE HIRONDELLE

Memento, acrylic on raw canvas, by Stephen Yates



Newest activity over at MARROWSTONE PRESS includes Peter Weltner’s newest book: 

The Return of What’s Been Lost. 

and Joanna Maclean’s  recent publication:

Two Eggs and a Lemon. 




SELL THE MONKEY, An Artist’s Memoir by Galen Garwood
Like healthcare, writing is not as easy as one would have thought, especially about oneself, in part because memories are often more difficult to squeeze out than pure imagination; it is non-fiction after all, or should be.  After more than a year, I’m closing in on finishing Sell The Monkey, An Artist’s Memoir. The monkey and I expect the book to be out in December of 2017

An Upcoming publication by photographer/writer


Portraits of Myanmar

  A compelling book of photographs, a rich kaleidoscope of the people of Myanmar, at work and at play, celebrating their religious and cultural identity, PORTRAITS OF MYANMAR, Celebrations of Work, Play, and Prayer is expected to be published in early December.



ESSAY, Of Water Sacred



Is what we hold sacred something we ordain? Or does it, can it, exist without our determination? …READ MORE…





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