Greetings from the River,

“Where Everything Is Water As Far As He Can See is a collaboration between the artist Galen Garwood and the poet Peter Weltner. Fifteen of Garwood’s paintings are reproduced, not as illustrations but as illuminations of and reflections upon Weltner’s three long poems, which all meditate upon life by the sea. The poetry and visual images speak to one another, as in a dialogue. The theme of the book is in part elegiac, a remembrance of friends lost. As you grow older, your past walks beside you, as if hand in hand. Or it meets you in unexpected places where those who have died wait for you. Garwood’s and Weltner’s book is a work of memory of a world that calls them back, an elemental world as much as a human one, of sky and trees, sun and water.” The book is available through Amazon

“In Herbst Hall last evening, a recitalist offered a Chopin mazurka he played like a lament for a dream that has come true too late, less a dance than a dirge for a people silenced.  It is low tide.  As the old man walks by the ocean where the sand is wet, the boy he was holds his hand, grips it tighter, pleads, Don’t lose me.       ‘Morning Walk’

This is our second collaboration. Our first, The One Winged Body, was published last year by Marrowstone Press.