Ed Cain’s Painting Book

The following Journal essay is about my friend and fellow artist, Ed Cain, who left this world too soon in September, 2001.  I first met Ed in 1984 and shortly after, he moved with his family from Southwestern Washington to Port Townsend, Washington. In the mid-1980s he inspired the creation of the 1004 Gallery, a co-op art gallery in Port Townsend assisting and encouraging artists within the community. In the 1990s he opened the Ed Cain Gallery. His inspiration and commitment to his friends and to the community of Port Townsend was steadfast. His beautiful spirit is still among us.



divingloonED CAIN       Diving Loon, drawing, 1983

I’ve recently written a narrative essay, “Ed’s Ed,” about the ending days of Ed Cain, my personal experience processing the event, and the subsequent video I created entitled “Ed and Ed.” I’ve embedded the full documentary within this journal posting; if you’d like to learn the story behind the story, please visit the link  ED’S ED.