Greetings to All

It’s been a while since I posted news. I’ve been waiting on several projects to fall into their final phase. And now they have.

As I promised a few months back, ‘Panom and the Stone of Light’ is now available through Create Space.

Panom also now has her own:
Facebook Page: the Panom Projects

I’m dedicating a portion of sales to HELP FREE THE ELEPHANTS in their effort to free Chai, Bamboo and Watoto. These elephants, two Asian and one African, are kept at Woodland Park Zoo under conditions that even the former Director of the zoo described as unnecessarily cruel. The elephants have already been offered a home at the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee where they’ll finally have acres in which to roam and to enjoy a larger family of elephants. Friends of the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo Elephants have worked long and tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of these three elephants. We can all help.

The Panom book will make a wonderful gift for a child (and an adult) and you can have it shipped directly to them.You can help make a difference for Chai, Bamboo and Watoto as well as help broaden a child’s understanding of the importance of these magnificent creatures and the importance of not only making life better for elephants held in captivity but protecting wild elephants in wild habitats. The more we help and protect the environment with all of its resident creatures, the more we help and protect ourselves.

From the elephants and me,
Many thanks, Galen

Ps: More ways you can help:
Check out the You Tube narration of Panom and the Stone of Light
and Panom, Cousin to the Clouds, a documentary featuring an extraordinary and compelling sound score by composer/cellist Jami Sieber, paintings by children from the school for the hearing impaired in Chiangmai, Thailand…and, of course, Panom.
We encourage and appreciate all comments.

link: to learn more about Chai, bamboo and Watoto