Red 17, oil on paper, from Notations


Greetings Everyone,

I’ve been out in the studio…but now it’s too hot…so I’m catching up on my journal.

Here’s what’s been happening in addition to getting a few paintings done and another photo series….

Do check out the new ‘wing’ to Marrowstone Press: Marrowstone Book Design.

These limited but very special publications have all been designed in-house and I’ve had lots of request to assist others in designing their book. Lately I’ve been able to help others not only with ‘designing and layout,’ but also with moving them into global distribution.

For Samples of book and website designs and reviews


weltner2 copy


Late Summer Storm in Early Winter, poems, Peter Weltner: The most recent Marrowstone Press publication. “‘To an art inspired by time’s wish not to move/life’s desire to be as still as a bowl’ is Peter Weltner’s desire as well in these beautiful and shapely poems…Read More

A few years ago, when I began designing the Morris Graves book by Richard Svare, I created Marrowstone Press as a way to amplify those things that excite me; working with other artists, writers, and poets, designing books, establishing dialogues with creative people, and sharing valuable ideas about makes us human and what makes us humane; ultimately the outcome of these collaborative projects enhance a positive and essential integration into the world about us.



To the River Shannon, photograph, 2015

Many of you will know about and will possibly (I hope) subscribe to The Journal. If you haven’t already subscribed, I’ve just  figured out how to add a ‘sign-up’ (sign-in form below, on the footer)

The topics of interest range anywhere from elephants to humans, humans to art, art to elephants, a confluence of ideas, concerns & solutions that…well, that drive me clear across the morning, over lunch, and into the evening.

In the next Journal, I’ll be describing two new projects, both of which I’m very excited about: ELEPHANT CLOUD and THE WATER TRILOGY.

Elephant Cloud is a project that has been simmering on the back burner since May. This project will involve children (and our adult-child’s spirit) from around the globe who might like to contribute either an image or a poem about ELEPHANT and submissions will be posted on the Panom Facebook page and then selections made for a book….Look for more information in the next Journal.

The Water Trilogy combines the last three photographic series–Maenam, The Dream Sea, and Dismantlement–into a  traveling exhibition, along with a published book. It’s in progress.

Panom and I send blessings from the river.

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