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Elephant Cloud


Greetings Everyone,  The Elephant Cloud Project is launched. I invite you to click on the little black and white elephant icon below and it will take you to the LAUNCH PAD. Get ready for....     [...]

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Roti and Ricefields


Greetings from Galen ANNOUNCEMENTS For those who might be looking for an interesting and educational Christmas gift for children (or adults) The Panom book is available and right now is a perfect time to order:Panom and [...]

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View of the Mae Rim river during a more gentle month of weather Many of my friends look at me with cocked eyes—that ‘Is he out of his mind?’ look—when I tell them I’m [...]

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A Memorial


Sangsak was Chang Lek’s sixteen year old nephew; Chang Lek , his wife Paan and his young daughter, Gam, are part of my family, my Akha family. Sangsak was killed while driving his motorbike in Chiangmai. [...]

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