Thai culture



Pai, Thailand: The mahout woke me at 6:30, the sun just beginning to rise above a rather bleak landscape. I had asked to accompany him up into the hills to get the elephant Panom, where she [...]

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A Day at FAE Elephant Hospital


Yesterday Chang Lek and visiting friend Richard Wofford and I drove south of Chiangmai, where I live, to Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital near Lampang Thailand. We began with a very nice conversation with founder [...]

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What does ‘Panom’ mean?


I promised I'd explain the word Panom and so I shall. In Thailand, the elephant and Buddha are inseparably linked in history and the evolution of that mythic relationship stems further back into ancient Hinduism; The [...]

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Do Elephants Paint?


DO ELEPHANTS PAINT? By Galen Garwood Elephants began their evolutionary history about the same time as humans. Both species probably began as herbivores but somewhere far back in that implacable flight in which we separated ourselves [...]

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