“With lyrical language and magical storytelling, Galen Garwood weaves a tale that is both modern and timeless yet has the feel of an ancient myth. Ambrus, the venerable, charismatic main character of the story, tells the history of Bench, in some ways the history of the world, to his young friend, Döm, in this enchanting story. This is destined to become a favorite of readers young and old.”

~Rosi Hollinbeck, Seattle Book Review

“Children and adults everywhere will enjoy the seedlings of magic planted throughout the pages of the enchanting tale Bench: A Story of Wonder by Galen Garwood. The story is told by a homeless man and seen through the eyes of a wandering young boy who learns more than he ever thought he would about a bench on the river’s edge. Combining mystery in good storytelling and the effervescence of childhood belief in the incredible comes a beautiful tale of two kindred spirits and the journey that weaves them together.”

~Jenna Swartz, San Francisco Book Review

“A timeless tale about the magic of Mother Nature and how long after humans pass, the trees, rivers, and other bodies of water remain and carry on with their business. Reminiscent of Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree,” Bench is a tree that becomes a log that becomes a bench that speaks to those who touch it and keeps on giving generation after generation. A wonderful book for all ages with vivid imagery and a mixed cast of interesting characters.”

~Kristi Elizabeth, Manhattan Book Review