“The imagination is boundless.  That fact is both its promise and its despair, contradictions that make great art possible, art like Galen Garwood’s whose vision invariably expands beyond its frame, its rectilinear borders, into the realm of things unseen.  His is a formal and contemplative art, yet always surprising as if reality were best measured by dreams.  It is an art of wonder and ever-changing evocations in which “something inside his images” is always “begging to be let out.”

~ Peter Weltner, author of Crow-Black Stones and a Flock of Crows / Agenda Editions, UK

In Apeiron, Galen Garwood’s astonishing galenographs give physical and spiritual dimension to boundless mysteries, to questions which cannot be expressed in words. Remarkably, the poems accompanying the images convey a similar sense of being. This consummate artist’s contemplative, kinetic symmetries engage gradients of shade and hue, unparalleled light, calm seas and impelling darkness, all of which accentuate that calling we recognize as our humanity. With this beautiful book, Garwood invites us to see far beyond and within ourselves, to intuit that of which we are an integral part.

~ William O’Daly, author of The New Gods and translator of Pablo Neruda’s Book of Twilight