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Galen garwood, Sale The Monkey

Publication date: May 2018

To kick-off  the project, I’m offering a massively discounted

(almost a give-away) sale of art by my hand (and a few others) for a limited time only.

To see what’s available:


Sell The Monkey, Galen Garwood, memoir, art

…Growing up in the South during the 40s and 50s, coming of age and ‘coming out’ in the Alaskan Arctic during the 60s, maturing as an artist in the Pacific Northwest during the 70s and 80s, Galen Garwood’s SELL THE MONKEY is a fascinating memoir, one of humor and poignancy, swimming through generations of racism, homophobia, alcoholism, and uncertainty. It is an engaging chronicle of living and surviving in Ida’s World, his glamorous and talented mother, who played ragtime piano at Alaska’s legendary Malamute Saloon; it is a tale of monkeys, snakes, pigs, elephants, and insects; a story full of eccentric characters–Keoga the Snake Man, Dirty Earl, Greasy John, Mad Irene. It’s about poets and painters, friends and lovers, art and sex, loss and discovery, and a life blessed by imagination.


Galen Garwood’s work reveals the uncanniness of the ordinary world, how strange the actual can be when seen by eyes and a heart and a mind responsive to its mysteries. His is an art of extraordinary control and dexterity, yet it allows at every moment for the gifts of chance.  It reads the world as if it were composed, exposed in signs, by its own calligraphy. It perceives how a stone flows or rushing water can be hard as rock.  Above all, it is beautiful, as trees are most beautiful when, after rain, wind blows through them and their leaves shimmer with light. Peter Weltner

A consummate world-class artist, Galen Garwood’s paintings and photographs are meditations and explorations that attain harmonic balance and truth in motion, infused with astonishing awareness of color and perpetual energy generated by dark and light. Life within these evocative works emanates from a fleeting, ceaseless center, and their vulnerability and compassion, their fearlessness and wisdom, reside within us.

William O’Daly