Paperback version: $40.00 (includes shipping) / Limited-edition hardback version, signed by the artist: $85.00 plus shipping

“The imagination is boundless.  That fact is both its promise and its despair, contradictions that make great art possible, art like Galen Garwood’s whose vision invariably expands beyond its frame, its rectilinear borders, into the realm of things unseen.  His is a formal and contemplative art, yet always surprising as if reality were best measured by dreams.  It is an art of wonder and ever-changing evocations in which “something inside his images” is always “begging to be let out.”

~ Peter Weltner, author of Crow-Black Stones and a Flock of Crows / Agenda Editions, UK

The GATHERING, Poems, Images, and Ruminations / GALEN GARWOOD  2023. Marrowstone Press /$19.50 (includes shipping)

“I am a painter, a poet, a writer only insomuch as what I do, what I make, might help widen the wings of hope, these invocations that encircle me as I dive into the wordlessness of painting or to posit thoughts about this world, this singular reality that cradles me after all these years, here, with my most devoted companion and lover, Mystery.”

Galen Garwood, from the book’s introduction

BENCH, A Story of Wonder / GALEN GARWOOD  2202 /  Marrowstone Press / $19.50 (includes shipping)

“With lyrical language and magical storytelling, Galen Garwood weaves a tale that is both modern and timeless yet has the feel of an ancient myth. Ambrus, the venerable, charismatic main character of the story, tells the history of Bench, in some ways the history of the world, to his young friend, Döm, in this enchanting story. This is destined to become a favorite of readers young and old.”

-Rosi Hollinbeck, Seattle Book Review

SELL THE MONKEY, An Artist’s Memoir.  GALEN GARWOOD  2017 /  Marrowstone Press / $19.50 (includes shipping)

“In the initial pages of Sell the Monkey, Galen Garwood is being urged to take a chance in life. This is just a microcosm of his life story… Sell The Monkey is not your average autobiography. The title alone proves that, but don’t let that fool you. The narrative is strong, and the retelling of a tough past done beautifully. The reader will be glad to be a passenger on a voyage of self-discovery and growth. An excellent autobiography and all-around great read!”

Philip Zozzaro, San Francisco Book Review

The DREAM SEA / Photographs, Galen Garwood / Marrowstone Press 2015 / $24.50 ( includes shipping)

“Galen Garwood’s works are meditations and explorations that attain harmonic balance and truth in motion, infused with an astonishing awareness of color and the perpetual energy generated by dark and light. Life within these evocative works emanates from a fleeting, ceaseless center, and their vulnerability and compassion, their fearlessness and wisdom, reside within us.”

William O’Daly, author of The New Gods, Beltway Editions, 2022


GALEN GARWOOD and PETER WELTNER have made a Valentine to Beauty and Arousal with photographs and poetry that are beautiful and aroused. Words italicized by arousal. Nakedness articulated by folds of cloth, a dialogue of flesh and flow that signals classical antiquity, but also the mystical inwardness of Mary s mantel. If the body is a language, here it speaks, in itself, of happiness, fulfillment, lush utopia. Arousal is the wing that carries it upward. Not wisdom through suffering but awe. But desire ignited by beauty, desire that submits to beauty that’s another story, a story that may involve destruction, obsession and loss. And memory: our culture s visual memory, like the pictorialist photographs of Imogen Cunningham or the ethnographic studies of young natives by Baron von Gloeden, who also carried his camera to Sicily, and personal memory, like the Ronnie s and Bob s of Weltner s past. John Keats called beauty truth. Is it? Weltner and Garwood are not suspicious of beauty, belittled by it, made ironic by it. What do we do with beauty? submit to it, aspire to it, be ennobled by it, be destroyed by it? All of these. —

Robert Glück, poet and novelist


“Profoundly moving, this fortuitous marriage of words and images by Weltner and Garwood explores desire and its unfolding at the core of our experience — a musical variation and theme on the light that plays at the surface and the darkness submerged beneath. The poems and paintings would be beautiful enough by themselves but brought together here, they resonate with even greater brilliance.”

Jon O’Bergh, Author, Musician

WATER’S EYE/poems by PETER WELTNER, Photographs by GALEN GARWOOD /  Marrowstone Press 2015

Water’s Eye is a small but stunning book of poetry by Peter Weltner and photographs by artist Galen Garwood. This suite of six long poems by Weltner are poetic responses to Garwood’s enigmatic photographs, offering a creative collaboration both mythic and contemporary, charged with illuminated metaphors of sea and light and longing. This is their third book of poetry and art.