Winner of the NOSTOS Contest:  Rick Peck’s  A message to Mother Earth 

galen garwood, art

‘Water Sacred,’ oil on panel, Galen Garwood 2021


Your body is the true Eden
And with it, you have gifted us
Abundant blessings.
A feast of beauty…
The songs of birds and children…
Rainbows—not only in the sky,
But in the perfumes of flowers and herbs,
And in the plethora of flavors
Found in the nourishment
You give to our bodies and souls.

We acknowledge your greatest blessing bestowed
Your Rivers of Love.
Some flow steady,
Strong, and fast…
Cutting courses,
Deep into our hearts.
Some are gentle and slow
But all are forever seeking
Always reaching,
The Oceans of our Hearts.
For there, Love does rest.
Mingling with,
Sheltering in,
The depths of our Souls.

Yet palpable,
Love does rise…
A distillation pure…
Into swollen clouds sublime,
To fall…

Like kisses on lips.
To fall…
Like teardrops onto the cheeks,
Like pearls
Upon our bodies,
And onto the Gardens
Of the Hearts
Of we who give,
And many
Who do not.
To fall…
Yes falling…
To You
Yes falling…
To me.
Yes falling…
To lovers now and gone.
Yes falling…
To those we’ve never known.
Yes falling…
Ever falling.
Forever falling.
Yes falling…
Falling in Love.

I Love You.

         Rick Peck,  2viii21