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Back With Panom


Last week-end  Chang lek, his family and I took a trip over to Pai, Thailand, to visit my friend, Panom, the elephant. Panom resides with four other elephants at Thom’s Elephant Camp.  I went to get source [...]

Back With Panom2017-05-02T16:00:27+00:00

The One-Winged Body


SAWADEE and PANOM for the NEW YEAR.ANNOUNCEMENTS:I’m pleased to announce a brand new shape to my web site with new navigation features, new galleries, music and video. I would also like to introduce a new project.THE [...]

The One-Winged Body2018-01-06T21:15:04+00:00

Wind at the Edge of the Heart


During the spring of 1967, on my way to lunch in the Student Union Building at University of Alaska in Fairbanks, I happened upon a recently published Popular Science magazine that featured a story about a [...]

Wind at the Edge of the Heart2018-01-06T21:10:37+00:00

A Memorial


Sangsak was Chang Lek’s sixteen year old nephew; Chang Lek , his wife Paan and his young daughter, Gam, are part of my family, my Akha family. Sangsak was killed while driving his motorbike in Chiangmai. [...]

A Memorial2018-01-06T21:12:00+00:00



The above photographs are from a Buddhist funeral I attended several weeks ago. It was a remarkable ceremony. “ The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” Bartel Teisenni Since my return from [...]


Everything is going beautifully nowhere.


Everything is going beautifully nowhere. James Broughton,Greetings Everyone,It’s been a good long while since I’ve made an entry into my blog site. In fact it was June 8th, after the ending of the political crisis here in Thailand. It’s time.In [...]

Everything is going beautifully nowhere.2018-01-06T20:51:52+00:00

The Northland


After a terribly long, hot spell with a thick wedge of social strife that kept parts of Bangkok on edge and the media churning, I’m happy to be submitting a new blog entry. For all those [...]

The Northland2018-01-06T20:48:04+00:00

The First Elephants


It is less than a week before Sangkran here in Chiangmai. This ancient Buddhist festival that has grown into a five day frenzy, generating millions of baht occurs during the hottest month of the year. However [...]

The First Elephants2017-07-29T06:18:22+00:00
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